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News Headlines: October 17, 2003
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October 17th - Log onto KULICK.NET for details. Bruce was shot in the leg by a random act of violence. He was not involved. I spoke with Bruce, who sounded in great spirits and was obviously grateful for the good luck and the good wishes of his friends and fans.
A fast and speedy recovery, Bruce.

Director ELI ROTH, whose CABIN FEVER, in case you have not seen it, is scaring the pants off everybody, came up to the house with Dark Horse's Barry Levine. Eli directed his first movie on a small budget and it has turned out to be a blockbuster. We are talking about a possible team up on a project.

October 15th - We will be holding a GENE SIMMONS TONGUE PARTY on the 23rd of October in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. For those of you who can talk your way into it, see you there.

The GENE SIMMONS AXE and PUNISHER basses, guitars, guitar straps, picks and other accessories are about to be available everywhere at your local guitar store. Am finalizing a new relationship with an existing guitar company and details will be forthcoming shortly.

THE DISCIPLES, a great comic book of the same name, has just been optioned for a possible television series. First up is a pilot script. Executive Producers are Dark Horse's Mike Richardson, Barry Levine and myself.

SIMMONS RECORDS is about to announce its first signing. A new group out of the heartland of America. Great songwriting and a great new lead voice. Details soon.

Thanks to all of you for making our San Fran SEX MONEY KISS Book Signing such a success. Hope you all had a good time coming.

The KISS AEROSMITH TOUR continues to kick butt everywhere it goes. We will be touring for a long time together.... and more dates thereafter. Details at KISSONLINE.COM.

Leaving for CHINA at the end of next week to meet with officials there on a proposed CHINESE THEME PARK... or two!!! Details as they develop.

If you're in Canada, be sure to tune in to Teletoon's MY DAD THE ROCK STAR, the cartoon I created for Nelvana. It is currently running. We have 26 episodes on order so far. Hope to have it on the air in America soon.

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