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Big News Coming Soon!

It seems KISSONLINE ( always has new listings of upcoming KISS expos. The problem with these expos, at least if you live on the West Coast, is that they are almost always on the other side of the country. Well, what about us?

A wise sage once told me, "If you want one bad enough, make it happen... don't wait for someone else to do it for you." OK, so the sage's name was Mike, but you get the idea.

What the heck, we have a barn, let's get the kids together and have us a KISS Expo on the West Coast!

Hence this site.

I would like to make this as good, if not better than any other KISS Expo to date. A tall order, I know. That's why I would like your input. I want you to let me know what you want from an expo. Be it guests, tribute bands, dealers. Anything.

  • If you've been to an expo, what did you like? What did you dislike? What could have been done better? What was missing?
  • If you've put together a successful expo, what was your best feature? What would you have done better? What was your secret for success?
  • Are you are interested in participating in this expo, as a dealer, tribute band or something else unique?

This is the beginnings. Everything, date, guests, events are to be announced. Interested? Good. Drop me a line and let me know what you want.

Drop me a line!

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