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PeterCriss.NET Mobile Proposal

12/09/2002 06:11:46 PM

Good day

Thank you very much for visiting this page. Below you can see the proposed PeterCriss.NET Mobile.

I have tried to keep the overall flavor of PeterCriss.NET. I have made no changes to the content, other than formatting changes to fit the channel.

What I am doing with KISSONLINE and is to host the channel on my site ( This is pretty much transparent to the users. I will update the channel on a regular basis, as PeterCriss.NET is updated.

Here is how KISSONLINE presents this feature.

The channel will be available via Mazingo. Mazingo is available FREE to both Palm and Pocket PC users. I will provide you with the html code necessary to allow people to subscribe.

The point of the channel is to feature active information, but to also rotate static information in an effort to keep the channel fresh.

You can see what I am doing with KISSONLINE and here:

I'll tell you what I told the webmasters of KISSONLINE and Gene, I do this for free simply because I get a kick out of being a (small) part of KISSTORY. I'd be glad to do this for PeterCriss.NET.

Well, let me know what you think. I'll contact you again soon.