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October 30, 2002:

Recently AvantGo has made changes to their formerly free services that will no longer allow the viewing of KISSONLINE Mobile and Gene Simmons Mobile. Members who currently use Mazingo as their method of viewing are not affected.

We have come up with a new service, which is actually an old service! Mazingo has recently released a Palm client for their popular subscription service. In fact, Mazingo now has clients for most of the popular mobile devices.

  • Pocket PC
  • Palm OS
  • Sharp Zaurus 
  • Casio BE-300
  • Generic Windows CE Devices
  • All Other Devices (Universal Version)

Members of both KISSONLINE Mobile and Gene Simmons Mobile who were using AvantGo as their subscription method should sign up for a free Mazingo account. After you have your account, come back to KISS ARMY Mobile and re-subscribe to your channel of choice!

I am sure that you will enjoy the improved services available from Mazingo. You can find out more about Mazingo's range of services by visiting!


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