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gene yesturday july 23rd the day after the relese of kiss symphony was my 14th birthday and for my birthday I got alive 4 and i havn't stop lisining to the cd and i have to say for 14 years i have been lisining to kiss and this is the by far the best live cd you have done!!
shandi potter

Hey Gene.

My name is Josh and I'm 14 years old and live in Canada. You are absolutly the "greatest" bass guitar player ever, growing up and listening to KISS and watching your concerts on tv you have inspired me to play bass guitar. I live in Oshawa Ontario and was wondering if you or KISS would be doing a concert here in Oshawa or Toronto again soon. It has always been me and my dad to attend one of KISS's concerts and see u doing you awesome acts. Hope to see u soon but until then keep playin bass and keep Rock N'

Hey Gene,

I was in Manhattan today when you and the band did the photo session and let me tell you it was the first time I have ever met the band and even if I stood in line for who knows how many hours and only got to spend a second snapping a photo IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!! I can't wait untill i see you guys on tour in August I'm going to be at the jones beach event on the 4th. ROCK AND ROLL!!!!
You guys are the greatest band in the world.

Hi, Gene.

I just wanted to let you know I picked up the Alive IV CD and it is a sonic blast to hear KISS's music played with an orchestra!!!! All, I can say is you did it again and by the way Sex, Money, and KISS twice and applied some of the principles. My friend, as simple as I can put this you are a GENIUS!!! Thank you again for all the great stuff.

Lenny Moreno


Wow. Just finished my own private listening session with the KISS symphony. What an experience: First Act: Great, Second Act: Stunning, Third Act: True Greatness.

But you know all of that.

What struck me as really poignant is the treatment of Tommy. If I understand you at all, it embodies your philosophies. I opened the booklet in the two CD set and the second page is dedicated soley to Tommy, who's photos in my opinon, portray an immense amount of passion, respect, and appreciation for the music and, perhaps more importantly, the history of the band.

And then you listen.....

The riffs soar, the licks inspire.

But, to me, most telling is the way Tommy seems to have been treated. As an early fan of Black and Blue, I understand his musical talent and musical past. Having followed you and the band, I hope I have an appreciation for the opportunity you provided Tommy when Black and Blue didn't achieve the commercial success you (and Tommy) might have wished for. The opportunity to become a member of the KISS family.

Tommy seems to have seized the opportunity. I met Tommy only once: Backstage in Dallas, I was told to seek him out to meet you. I did. He couldn't have been more gracious or pleasant (admittedly in the face of hundreds of people hoping to garner a minute of his time). Through Tommy I was fortunate enough to spend five minutes or so chatting with you and recording the moment for prosperity with a photo. Seems to me that he's earned being on stage and his playing demostrates he has a right to be here. Given the fact that Tommy has such a prominent role musically and photogenically with Alive IV, I take it that you agree.

Do I wish Ace was here? Sure, wish I would win the lottery too. As someone once said.... "what guy wouldn't give their left nut to be Ace Frehley?" Ace decided not to play. Tommy seized the moment.

"Raise your glasses" to Tommy. I will in Dallas.

Charles W. Branham, III "Trey"

Hey Gene,

Was just going through your letters and was wondering if you have ever read or listened to the tapes "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh? If you have not, I highly recommend that you pick up that book or set of tapes. What an interesting spin it puts on religion and our human existence. Let me know if you have or not. Oh and keep rockin'.



Response from Gene:

Read it. Highly recommend it. Also recommend 'GOD - A BIOGRAPHY"


You are very privileged to be receiving fotos from gorgeous girls, from around the globe, for your ladies in waiting section. Your most recent addition, Shellani, What a bombshell!
Tell me you don't forget your own name when you read, "missed you somewhere along the road. Would be my pleasure to meet you". I mean, do you have any recollection of your last thoughts just prior to reading her letter?

I'm a huge fan of Gene Simmons, GSTongue and now Shellani. I demand she be included in GST #6.

I salute you.
Al Snakey


Picked up my copy of the Kiss Symphony/Alive 4 cd yesterday and had a question.
Whose idea was it for the cover, with the blood dripping down and all black for the cover.
It was really cool, just wondered if you had that idea.
Also, I thought originally Alive 4 was going to be released with this, and was to be the New Year's Eve show you guys did in B.C Canada.
just wondering what happened to that idea
Keep up the good work and keep rockin
Jeff Rotondo

Response from Gene:

It was Paul's idea.

Dear Gene:

I just purchased ALIVE IV yesterday in NYC. Sir, you sure know how to make it worth EVERY PENNY! The gatefold design is nothing short of amazing. I had my doubts without Ace being on the project, but once I heard the riffs on "Deuce" I was sold. The orchestra addition is incredible. It compliments the music without overbearing the original feeling, and adds new meaning to your music.

I got home late last night and had to play it through my DVD player on a small speaker so as to not wake my Dominican roomates. They wouldn't understand. Nonetheless, wait until Saturday. ALIVE IV goes on FULL F*CKIN' BLAST on my surround sound, baby!!!

Looking out for the KISS DVD, keep up the great work.

All the Best,
Corey Stuart
Manhattan, NYC

Hi Gene,

I am just writing to express my heartfelt thanks to yourself and the rest of the band for including my son's letter in the Alive 4 cd packaging.We are both big fans of the band and he was so excited that I was able to take him to the symphony show.When the opportunity arose to be included in the CD packaging,I told him what he needed to do to be considered.He wasted no time in composing his own letter and getting it back to me to scan and send in.You could not believe the reaction it got as I opened the CD to find his handy work had been included (my wife almost crashed the car!).
So far he has told all of our family and taken the CD to school to show all his friends.The school is talking of putting him in the school newsletter.He seems to be enjoying being a celebrity.
You and the rest of the band have made him one of the happiest kids alive,and his parents very proud.Considering his birthday is on the 1st of August it has come as a very timely Birthday present.
Once again, I thank you so much.He will probably e-mail you himself,but I just wanted to get in and thank you personally.Thank you,Gene and Kiss,
Yours sincerely,
Greg Archer.

Dear Gene,

I'm having a tough time believing that all official Kiss-endorsed items sold as "autographed by Gene" are in fact hand-autographed by Gene. I'm referring to items promoted by you as autographed, not the questionable items on eBay.

I believe the Gene Simmons Axe and Punisher basses had runs of 1500 units each. (I may be mistaken on the number.) I just can't see 3000 basses lined up while you are signing each one, flipping them over to be numbered, and then moving down with 2999 to go. The Gene Simmons autographs on the guitars also appear much more similar to the completely legible 70's Gene autograph than the rougher latest version we're seeing now in your books. Any long time fan could forge your old signature, especially with the 1/4" wide silver marker that's found on the basses that hides the lack of precision.

I know some stuff is legit. On "The Second Coming DVD" there's a scene of you sitting at a table with a stack of Kiss posters that eventually sold for big bucks on Kissonline. In that scene you're hollering for the other guys to come over and get to work. Well, the video doesn't lie.

But I'm also thinking about eight zillion copies of Kisstory I & II that supposedly are all hand-signed. I own a copy of Kisstory and always wonder if it was in fact Gene's own hand on this copy and in fact EVERY last copy right down to the end of the production run. It seems doubtful. There was also some talk in the Kiss rumor mill that Kisstory autographs started out legit, then moved into machine-printed as the run went along.

Did it happen, Gene? Did you hand-sign every one of those 3000 basses and eight zillion copies of Kisstory?


Response from Gene:

The truth:
All KISSTORY books were signed. All PUNISHER and AXE basses were signed by me. A lot of E BAY is crap and NOT signed by me. Beware.

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