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Statement from Paul Stanley on 05/08/2003
Hi everyone! This summers going to be hot in more ways than one! Everything is falling into place and the excitement is running as high as the expectations. Thanks for all your questions and thoughts. Now lets get to the questions.

Asked By: Dallasf16
I've been a fan since my mom bought me your first album when I was 7. I can't wait to see the tour with Aerosmith this Summer. Tommy is obviously a great addition to the band. Any thoughts of him singing some Ace songs like Shock Me, 2000 Man, or Two Sides of the Coin?

Glad you’re as excited as I am! Yes, Tommy is a great addition to the band as everyone at our sold out Japan shows, our KISS Symphony in Melbourne and our exclusive show at The Palms casino will tell you! Tommy will not be singing any of Ace’s songs, although he will be singing loads of backgrounds in addition to burning up the fret board. What a guy! See you this summer!

HI Paul First I want to say through all the good,bad,ups and downs over the past 30 years I know you've done the best you can to keep us fans happy. Thanks for that! My question is how are you going to go about sharing the stage with Aerosmith? Meaning will you be able to use your full stage set up or have to make adjustments to share with another headliner? Glad you're touring and look forward to seeing you. Brendan

Hi Brendan, thanks for sticking with us! It seems to have been as great a ride for you as for me. Right now we are deep in technical planning with Aerosmith to make sure all the fans get what they’ve come to expect. Obviously this is a huge undertaking, but it WILL be awesome! Thanks for your support Brendan!

Asked By: Ilija
Paul. I've been a kiss fan for over 20 years. I've seen Kiss 4 times. Twice at the Skydome for the Reunion and Psycho Circus Tours. Once at the Air Canada Centre for the Farewell Tour and another time at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton. My question concerns the Aerosmith/Kiss Tour. Why was Canada not included in the tour. Is it because my government refused to back your government in the war against Iraq or is it because of the outbreak of SARS. I hope you didn't forget that Canada especially Toronto has the reputation for having the best fans when it comes to rock concerts. Ilija Toronto Canada

Hi Ilija! There are many cities both here, in Canada and abroad that we won’t be playing on what we hope is only the first leg of this tour. If everything goes as smoothly as everyone expects we will extend the tour into arenas and probably see you then! I know we want to play for as many people as possible on this tour. That includes you! There are some great cities in Canada, including Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal. We’d like to play those, and more! Hope to see you then!

Asked By: Rass
The radio show Fri. night 4/18 was great - one thing , is this going to cut back the 2 hour KISS show were all used to ? It would still be an awesome event - just curious as to how long each of you`s will play ? Looking forward to seeing ya in MA for 2 nights ! Thx for your devotion, and not hanging it up !! Rass

Hey Rass! Because of the nature of this show and the event, it would be impractical for the two bands to play two hours each. That being said I can assure you that this show will be everything you expect, see you there!

Asked By: AnthonyJ
Hello Paul, My question is, have you guys done any professional photo shoots with Tommy Thayer yet? If so, when can we expect to see some great photos of the current line-up with Tommy? Thanks and I look forward to seeing you guys on tour this year. Anthony.

Hey Anthony! Yes, we will be shooting a slew of new photos next week with Tommy. Until now we just didn’t have time. See you on tour!

Asked By: BeachGirl
While I've seen both KISS and Aerosmith numerous times each, this upcoming tour is an answer to my prayers. Just seeing one of you alone is orgasmic, but both KISS and Aerosmith together? - MULTIORGASMIC!!! I'm so excited!! My question is, how did this come about? (who's idea was it, who approached who, was it difficult to work with another big band, etc) Also, what the heck do I have to do to finally meet you guys??

Hi BeachGirl, yes this will be “multiorgasmic.” Although the possibility had come up from time to time, I decided two years ago to personally try to make this happen and spoke with some of the Aerosmith camp at a party I was at. It seemed to evolve from there. I’ll be looking for you at the shows. As far as what it takes to meet us? Determination! I’ll be looking for you!

Asked By: Rob Frampton
Greetings Paul- It's been a long time since we've seen you in the UK - do you have any plans to cross the Atlantic anytime soon? Also, I know it must have been an expensive operation, but will you ever repeat the Symphony experience elsewhere?

Hey Rob, yes there have been rumblings of UK shows, but it’s way too soon to know. Doing KISS Symphony somewhere else is a possibility, although an incredibly costly one! That being said I hope you’ll enjoy viewing it!

Asked By: dottirocks
Paul: When I saw the price of the Platinum Package I nearly fell off my seat!! $1000!! You have seriously got to be kidding me!! And we can't even bring OUR OWN cameras and there's not even a guarantee for an autograph??!! What a rip off AND a "dis" to the fans, especially those of us who've been fans for over 20 years (26 for me)!! I'd really appreciate it if you would address this issue and kindly explain to me and the fans WHY it's necessary to charge such outrageous prices just to have MAYBE 1 minute of your time??? Thank you and hope to hear from you PDQ!!!

Hi Dottirocks. First of all, to put this in perspective the idea of the Platinum Package is for an extremely limited group of fans. To give individual time and attention to fans backstage means limiting the numbers greatly to ensure that level. That would mean a small handful, not 50 or more, that is why we are determined to keep the group small and the experience high. As far as cameras… it is to guarantee the participants a quality photo and a efficient use of time rather than somebody going home, developing the film only to find a blurry or unusable photo. That is why we are providing a high quality individual photo. Also any fan who purchased the Gold Package and is spotted wearing the Gold Package laminate could have a chance to go backstage and be part of the meet and greet. Because of the unique nature of this event we are not guaranteeing autographs, although we’re not ruling them out. The problem in the past has been over-zealous fans showing up with multiple albums, photos, etc. and perhaps forgetting they are not the only fans there. As far as a “rip off”… I’m sure that all the fans that have snatched up the Platinum Packages immediately upon their being offered would disagree with you. Perhaps instead of dwelling on your anger at not being able to participate in this unique event, try focusing on the opportunity that countless fans (including you) have had and will continue to have to meet us… for free during countless events and circumstances.

Asked By: tucker36
Hey Paul, Quick question regarding deafness. You indicated in a prior post that you are deaf in your right ear. How did this happen?

I was born deaf in my right ear. I have to say I never missed what I never had.

Asked By: GBG
Hello Paul, Since it looks like Alive 4 is going to be "The Symphony Show". What is going to happen to the original Alive 4 album from the 2000 Millennium New Years Eve Show recorded in Vanouver, BC? Thanks for not hanging up those Seven-Inch Heels up just yet! See you on the KISS/Aerosmith Tour.

Hey GBG, good question! No good answer! We’ll just have to see. See you on tour!

Asked By: Increda
The question: Until now…… How can you in good conscience charge $1000.00 for the opportunity to meet you and the rest of the members in the band? Please don't tell me you have no control over the price because from what I've seen you and Gene have control over everything Kiss. Yes I know there are other things included but the main part is the Meet and Greet. Now I’ll never begrudge someone for trying to make as much money as they can but in my opinion you are totally taking advantage of people. I realize that according to the Kiss Online web site these packages are sold out but the fact that some people are willing to pay that amount is not the issue. These are trying economic times for many across this country. Many are just trying to figure out how to pay their bills. I have a wife and two kids, in addition to supporting them I also help support my in-laws who are living with us. I don’t have an extra $1000.00 to shell out for the chance to meet you. Now I realize this probably just sounds like sour grapes because I can’t afford the package. But I honestly can tell you that even if I did have the money, I wouldn’t buy the package. You guys always like to say things like “The fans are everything to us” and “We are nothing without the fans”. Well if that’s the case then why not do something for ALL of the fans and not just the rich ones. Everyone should be given a chance to meet and greet you. I realize that is an impossibility but what I’m saying is you could make it a lot more economically viable for people. In my opinion the price of the “Gold” package is what the price for the “Platinum” package should have been (or even a little more like say $350.00). This would have given many more people the opportunity to meet you. This as I like to say would have been an easy bone for you to throw the fans. Instead you just gave the nay seers even more ammunition when they say you (you being Kiss) are only about the money. My all time favorite Kiss dream was to meet you and Gene and have a conversation with you. It could only be for 5 minutes, just long enough for me to tell you how much you guys meant to me growing up. But I wouldn’t and I won’t pay $1000 for that opportunity. The funny thing is that after all this I will probably still end up going to at least one of the shows in my area. Like I stated earlier; Kiss has played a major role in my life and I’m not going let that go simply because I disagree with one of your business practices. I’ll be one of the dots in the back of the arena. Thanks for reading my letter. Take Care, Bill Deaver

Hi Bill, just to let you know I have read your question and opinion, and yes, they matter. Please read my post above. Let me add that the idea that everybody “should” get a chance to meet us is to say the least unrealistic. With all due respect, your opinion that the Platinum Package should be $350 is probably based on what YOU can afford, am I right? Should that also include a ticket? I realize that this is a touchy situation for the people who will not be able to participate, but the reality for both you and I is there are numerous things which for many reasons we don’t get to be a part of. Even if the cost were $350 as you said, the number of fans being able to participate would still remain so limited that we would be inundated with posts from the dissatisfied and unhappy fans that could not be a part of it. We are always sensitive to everyone’s concerns while realizing that it is impossible to always make everyone happy.

Asked By: JohnnyD
Mr Stanley, I just viewed the VH1 Ultimate albums concerning KISS Alive. I understand the logic behind the re-recordings. I wanted to know, however if the same process was used in production of Alive 2 and 3. On a note on Alive 3, I know you can't remember all of your shows, but your voice on the Revenge tour was much sharper in Columbia SC (October 1992) than what ended up on Alive 3. In fact my girlfriend @ the time was holding her ears during your call and response during "I Want You". I wished you would have used that show in the recording. John Myers Myrtle Beach SC

Dear JohnnyD, All live albums get “helped”, “fixed”, “overdubbed”, you pick the word. The ones that don’t probably aren’t worth listening to more than once. Thanks for all your comments and thoughts about Columbia SC.

Asked By: Debi
Thank God for Visa!!!!! I asked them to increase my credit line, at least by $1,000, so I can purchase a platinum package so I can get a front row seat and have the "band experience". No offense, but aren't you going to be a little stinky? Should I bring a clothespin for my nose????? I know you don't leave the stage looking pretty - you stomp! How come we can't have the band experience beforehand? Also, I do hope they are incorrect in saying the October 10th show is going to be in San Francisco. I am now back in Los Altos (a mere 15 minutes from Shoreline Amphitheatre). My birthday is September 29th. I'll consider this a belated present to myself. I must go now and walk the dog. Have a lovely day! Yours, Debi

A early Happy Birthday to you Debi! As far as bringing a “clothespin”… I will let you get as close as you want to find out. As a rule, meeting groups of people before shows is too disruptive to the process of gearing up for the show. The best way for us to guarantee a great show is to do as little as possible beforehand, except focus on the task at hand. Look forward to seeing you.

Asked By: wetlake
Paul, I have been a long time fan and I am proud to say I am the latest “Girls of KISS” and wanted to say what an honor it is to be chosen!!! My question is, I would like to send you MY comic book (the first page has a drawing of me wearing a KISS t-shirt) and was wondering what address can I send it so that YOU actually get it. I know you get tons of mail and all for the band but do you have a direct Fan Mail Address. I am looking forward to catching one of your concerts in California this year… As always KISS proves they are the best and give their fans the BEST!!! Thanks for rocking my world Christi Lake

Hi Christi! I would love to receive ANYTHING from you that you would like me to see! I’m sure Mike could take care of making sure it gets to me. Thanks for being an awesome KISS Girl! Paul

Asked By: kizzaxxxe
At the NY Kiss expo this past weekend someone was passing out flyers that said Kiss would be in Atlantic City in July signing autographs and taking pictures with fans? What is this about is it true?

Sorry, but not true.