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When did you first set eyes on KISS?
When I was growing up they were one of my mom's favorite bands, so I would look and listen to the 8-tracks. Yes, I know what 8-tracks are!!!!

If you were to share a bathtub with any member of KISS, who would it be? And why?
I can't honestly answer that. I suppose I never thought of that. I suppose it would have to be the one with the better sense of humor!! Really!! Why? I like to be able to hold a real coversation with someone otherwise I get bored.

Would you have them leave the makeup on, or take it off?

What KISS song best describes you? Why?
I honestly don't know all the songs, but the ones I do know, it would probably be "Beth"!!!

What's it like to be a female in the male fandom of KISS?
Well, they're legends. Plus with a tongue like Gene Simmons, of course it appeals to all the chicks!! And probably some guys!!!

Do you have a short KISS story you'd like share?
Actually, I do. When they came back on tour with there make-up, they came to Little Rock, Arkansas. I was front row and really drunk on Jack Daniels. I catch a guitar pic and got mobbed, and someone vomited on me. After that I vomited and left. I think I still have the pic somewhere.

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